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UK, English, 70 mins

  • Director: Richard Squires
  • Writer: Richard Squires
  • Producer: Richard Squires; Madeleine Molyneaux

CGiii Comment

The debut feature from UK artist-filmmaker Richard Squires, DOOZY is a creative documentary that employs 'Clovis', (voiced by Kids in the Hall/Superstore comedian MARK McKINNEY), an animated antihero, as a means to explore the particular “voice” casting of cartoon villains in the late 1960s. Through the lens of one of Hollywood’s hidden queer histories, DOOZY contemplates the psycho-social relationship between villainy and hysterical male laughter; the use of voice as a signifier of ‘otherness’ and the frequently uneasy symbiosis of character and actor. Mixing original animation, reenactments, biographical detail, expert testimonials, this is quite simply, a "doozy" of a film experience.


DOOZY Official Trailer from LMFYFF Productions on Vimeo.

Cast & Characters

Mark McKinney as Clovis (voice)
John Airlie
Jens Kjeldgaard-Christiansen
Mark Micale
Naomi Murph
Sophie Scott
Paul Wells
Michael Kearns as Don (voice)
Eric Geynes as Jim (voice)
Paul Barrand as Gameshow Host
Anthony Powell as Narrator (voice)

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