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Drive Me Home

Country: Italy, Language: Italian, 94 mins

  • Director: Simone Catania
  • Writer: Simone Catania; Fabio Natale
  • Producer: Michele Fornasero; Giampietro Preziosa; Marco S. Puccioni

CGiii Comment

This is Simone Catania's debut feature...and one to be very proud of!

Take the well-driven road movie...locate it in multi-cultural Europe, forget about getting to the final destination [the point when the film usually ends] and rely - solely - on fond [often troubled] nostalgia, current turbulence and deep reconciliation. Drive Me Home is [as the title suggest] not about going...but, returning.

Two men, once boys, parted through no fault of their own...years later, reunite. Both have their demons, their grudges, their separate lives. Has time and distance made them irreconcilable?

Home is where the heart is...but, what if that home is being taken away from you? What if you have no 'home' to speak of? One lost soul is better than two!

Basically, this is a two-hander [with a few spicy characters to add to the flavour]. Antonio and Agostino are a dichotomy...but, are they the two parts of the same whole? The chemistry between the two is a brittle warmth. The feelings are there...expressing them is the challenge. Will they, won't they? Has too much water gushed under the bridge?

Simone Catania maintains a tight leash throughout...sometimes loosening...but, always reeling it back in. And, really...asks the question: Where does love go?

By the end of the film, you'll ask yourself that very same question...about all of your lost [or left] loves. Maybe a smile will appear, maybe a tear...this is a film that will give all that reminiscing a refreshing resonance...aaw.

So sweet. So fine. So human.



The(ir) Blurb...

Two childhood friends have lost track of each other, as each of them wanders aimlessly from job to job in northern Europe, far from their native Sicily. But fate, friendship and shared secrets put them back together in this intense film. With a powerful visual style, which compares the icy lights of northern Europe and the warm and quiet atmospheres of southern Italy it reflects on the true meaning of Home.

Cast & Characters

Vinicio Marchioni as Antonio
Marco D'Amore as Agostino
Jennifer Ulrich as Emily
Chiara Muscato as Madre di Antonio
Lou Castel as Karl
Nicola Adobati as Wwoofer
Malice Omondi Atteno as Elodie
Ben Kerremans as Manager Ristorante Anversa (as Ward Kerreman)
Dieter Kerreman as Cameriere Ristorante Anversa
Vittorio Magazzù Tamburello as Antonio ragazzo (as Vittorio Magazzù)
Francesco Bianco as Antonio bambino
Gabriele Vinci as Antonio bambino
Jacopo Vinci as Agostino ragazzo
Sofia Bellucci as Ragazza della sauna
Chiara Ombelli as Ragazza della sauna