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Country: USA, Language: English, 83 mins

  • Director: Andrew Ahn
  • Writer: Hannah Bos; Paul Thureen
  • Producer: Nicolaas Bertelsen; Joe Pirro; Celine Rattray; James Schamus

CGiii Comment

There are moments in everyone's lives...that matter. There are people in everyone's lives [who come and go] - no matter how brief their meeting was...who mattered. Andrew Ahn has managed to capture one such moment and one such meeting...and, it matters. Driveways is nothing short of beauty...the writers have to be applauded, as does Mr Ahn himself.

This is about beginnings and endings, taking charge and losing control. In less sensitive hands, this little tale could have become, quite easily...maudlin. But, thankfully, there is a lightness of touch and a kindred of heart that extols the worries of youth and the regrets of age. It chimes.

Most certainly, a tear [or two] will run down your cheek...not because of heartbreak...but, because, this is humanity at its very best...when the vulnerable need a shoulder to lean on, to rely on, to cry upon...and, those needs are not prejudiced by all those stupid things that clutter up some people's lives...age, race, religion, gender, sexuality. A friend - indeed, is someone we all need.

We have all been taught to respect our elders...but, when that table is's mesmerising. Brian Dennehy [both as actor and character], shows respect [and such tenderness] for and towards his young much should, does and will take your breath away.

Simply [without bells and whistles], beautiful. Thank you.

RIP, Mr D x


The(ir) Blurb...

Cody (Lucas Jaye) is a sweet, sensitive boy who doesn't always fit in easily with other kids his age. He's not bothered by spending the summer in an unfamiliar New York town while his mother, Kathy (Hong Chau), cleans out the house left behind by his recently deceased aunt, trying to ready it for sale. As Kathy, who'd been estranged from her reclusive sister for years, learns how much she didn't know about the late woman, Cody strikes up a surprising friendship with the gruff retiree who lives next door. Del (Brian Dennehy) is a Korean War vet who's been whiling away his days living alone, playing bingo with his pals, and sitting out on his porch. In Cody, he comes to see not just a solitary boy in need of connection but also a reflection of past regrets about his own family.

Driveways is the second film from Spa Night director Andrew Ahn. It’s a beautifully observed, bittersweet drama about how the search for a sense of community knows no age limit.

—Alison Willmore

Cast & Characters

Jack Caleb as Brandon
Stan Carp as Lester
Hong Chau as Kathy
Jennifer Delora as Cheryl
Brian Dennehy as Del
James DiGiacomo as Reese
Sophia DiStefano as Anna
Christine Ebersole as Linda
Joe Felece as Bingo Caller
Lucas Jaye as Cody
Samantha Jones as Lisa
Anastasia Veronica Lee as Girl in the Pool
Raymond Lee as Brian
Fernando Mateo Jr. as Craig
Robyn Payne as Charlene