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Erik & Erika

Austria, German, 89 mins

  • Director: Reinhold Bilgeri
  • Writer: Dirk Kämper
  • Producer: Till Derenbach; Thomas Pridnig; Michael Souvignier; Peter Wirthensohn

CGiii Comment

Erik & Erika presents the fascinating true story of intersex and transgender skier Erik Schinegger – a young man declared female at birth and raised as such. Writer Dirk Kämper and director Reinhold Bilgeri emphasise the beauty and power of choice in this film depicting Erik’s extraordinary courage.

Upon the discovery that he is intersex, Erik, a world champion skier, is disqualified and accused of fraud. Faced with countless pressures and preconceived ideas of normalcy, Erik struggles with both his own identity and the identity forced on him by a time and place that stigmatised anything outside the norm. Going against everything he has been taught to believe is right, Erik makes the choice to live as a man – even if it ends up costing him everything.

Ultimately, Erik & Erika is a moving story about bravely embracing your own truth in a world that has yet to accept you.


Cast & Characters

Ulrike Beimpold as Liesel Sumatter
Christoph Bittenauer as Assistenzarzt
Nives Bogad as Schwester Anna
Sarah Born as Marga Weims
Hans-Maria Darnov as Arzt
Lili Epply as Christa
Markus Freistätter as Erik / a
Victoria Hauer as Empfangssekretärin
Gerhard Liebmann as Vater Schinegger
Birgit Melcher as Mutter Schinegger
Cornelius Obonya as Dr. Fischer
Anna Posch as Monika Schinegger
August Schmölzer as Hubert Grassl
Harald Schrott as Prof. Dr. Kübler
Marianne Sägebrecht as Schwester Sigberta
Rainer Wöss as Dr. Mosshardter
Markus Zett as Sportreporter

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