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Eva + Candela

Colombia, Spanish, 92 mins

  • Director: Ruth Caudeli
  • Writer: Ruth Caudeli
  • Producer: Ana Piñeres

CGiii Comment

Eva + Candela are two women who meet while both seeking to make a dream come true. The desire that at first unites them and creates a relationship full of love, passion and seduction, will eventually, slowly, drive them away from each other. Set against the world of the cinema, Eva + Candela tells the story of the two women through their life as a couple and their daily routine. The years pass, and disenchantment erodes the foundations of their love. This film does not just tell the story of a romance, but masterfully depicts how love can be transformed into something else.

Eva + Candela is the debut film by Ruth Caudeli. The Spanish director now lives in Colombia, where she set up the production company Ovella Blava Films, from where she launches this no-holds-barred movie, shameless, simple and true, portraying the feelings that might be had by any couple these days, from the bliss of first meeting to the difficulty of keeping alive the flame of passion.


Cast & Characters

Alejandra Lara as Candela;
Silvia Varón as Eva;
Roberto Cano as Miguel;
Kristina Lilley as Celia;
Luna Baxter as Marta;
Ana María Cuellar as Verónica;
Cristina Warner as Laura;
Andrés Estrada as Javier;
David Ojalvo as Bert

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