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Family in Transition

Israel, Hebrew, 60 mins

  • Director: Ofir Trainin
  • Producer: Ofir Trainin; Tal Barda

CGiii Comment

The film follows closely a family Nahariya (a couple and four children) from the moment the father (Amit) suddenly decides to share his secret desire to become a woman.

Galit, Amit’s wife, takes time to digest things. She realizes that with the change Amit is about to undergo, she has to make a decision – whether to stay or to leave. After thoughts and hesitations Galit decides to give it a chance. She does not want to lose Amit, the great love of her life.

Despite personal difficulties and social stigmas, the family insists on staying together, believing that love will overcome all difficulties. But when it seems that Amit’s gender journey has reached its destination in peace, the personal journey of Galit, the supportive partner, threatens the relationship.

This is a story about a family that does not respond to dictates; a family that breaks social conventions; a family that changes what we thought we knew about gender, parity, parenthood and transgenderism. But most of all, it is a story about a family that redefines the limits of recognition, acceptance and love of those closest to us.


Family in Transition - trailer from Ofir Trainin on Vimeo.

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