• Queen of Lapa
  • Road of Bygones
  • Where We Belong
  • White Lie
  • Outlaw
  • Dea Fortuna (La)
  • Two of Us (The)
  • Road to Edmond (The)
  • Secret Music
  • Nightmare Gallery (The)
  • Rädda våra liv
  • Charbon
  • Triggered
  • Wanderings of Ivan (The)
  • Sweet and Tender Hooligan
  • House of Cardin
  • Poised
  • Dark Waters
  • L'Adieu à Moustafa
  • Täydellinen joulu
  • Baby Jane
  • Oh, Ramona!
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Kiko en Lala
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Delirium
  • Summer '03
  • We Were Just Playing
  • All About Me
  • Music for Bleeding Hearts
  • Alice Júnior
  • I Am the Other One
  • May the Evil Eyes Not See You
  • Sun Inside
  • Lihaaf: The Quilt
  • Two Popes (The)
  • Yo, mi ex y sus secuestradores
  • Si Los Meses Siguen
  • Transamazonia
  • Guaicurus Street

Generazione Diabolika

Country: Italy, Language: Italian, 71 mins

  • Director: Silvio Laccetti
  • Writer: Silvio Laccetti
  • Producer: Silvio Laccetti; Gianmarco Capri; Giuseppe Di Renzo

CGiii Comment

In the '90 Muccassassina a very transgressive night club in Rome, famous for the party Diabolika. At Muccassassina Queen Vladimir Luxuria discovered the talent of Emanuele Inglese, one of the most popular DJs on the international scene of that period. The director Silvio Laccetti interviews all the protagonists of the famous party, a few days after the death of Lou Bellucci, the historic vocalist of Diabolika who passed away on 15 September 2017.


Cast & Characters

Lou Bellucci
Paolo Bolognesi
Emanuele Inglese
Vladimir Luxuria
Henry Pass

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