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Hello Cupid: Farrah

USA, English, 72 mins

  • Director: Dennis Dortch; Numa Perrier
  • Writer: Tina Cerin; Thais Francis
  • Producer: Shama Davis; Dennis Dortch

CGiii Comment

A spin-off movie of Black & Sexy TV’s popular series Hello Cupid focuses on Farrah, who has lived most of her life as a passive, shy, and awkward young woman who has yet to lose her virginity. Feeling frustrated with not being in control of her own life, she jumps into the online dating world. Soon, she is exploring the desires and attractions she used to hold as secret, and there’s no turning back now.


Cast & Characters

Thais Francis as Cassie;
Lakhiyia Hicks as Reagan;
Unique Jenkins as Amber;
Gabrielle Maiden as Farrah;
Jeffrey Oliphant as James;
Jaquita Ta'le as Liz;
Cloie Wyatt Taylor as Clover;
Yazmin Monet Watkins as Mykal;
Tom Williamson as Justin

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