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Holy Lands

Country: France | Belgium , Language: English, 100 mins

  • Director: Amanda Sthers
  • Writer: Amanda Sthers
  • Producer: Laurent Bacri; Didier Lupfer; Alain Pancrazi

CGiii Comment

Despite a decent cast...absolutely dreadful.

The 'joke' is...wealthy American jewish man...leaves it all behind to become a pig farmer in Israel! You couldn't make this garbage up...but, Amanda Sthers did!

Who financed this pigswill!?!

There's a gay son [Meyers, acting abominably], there's a spoilt daughter [in desperate need of a slap], there's a high-maintenance mother [who's dying, boo-hoo]...and, there's so much pro-Israeli propaganda, it will make your stomach churn!

To justify 'the wall' is a f**ked-up expect an audience to pay/waste time on this an embarrassment to the film-making industry...and, just in case you are thinking that this review is anti-semitic...don't [pull that card]...I'm jewish!

Poor James Caan...reduced to this!

Tom Hollander...what were you thinking?!? Did you read the script before signing up?!?

Amanda Sthers... you are not fit for film-making purpose. Your last film - Madame - was a brilliantly-casted catastrophe [who finances you?]...babes, this film is...words fail.

Stop trying to ram your abhorrent political agenda down an unsuspecting [potential] audience's [communal] throat...and, expect payment! [Who finances you? Idiots!]

A disgrace. An absolute disgrace.


The(ir) Blurb...

Facing a crossroads in life, lapsed Jew and former cardiologist Harry (Academy Award Nominee James Caan) leaves New York and his family with an unlikely plan - to start a pig farm in Nazareth. His conflict with the town Rabbi, Moshe Cattan (BAFTA Award Winner Tom Hollander), slowly turns into a friendship that leads him to reevaluate his relationship with his estranged family, including his difficult ex-wife (Golden Globe Nominee Rosanna Arquette), 34-year-old student daughter, and gay playwright son (Golden Globe Award Winner Jonathan Rhys Meyers). Holy Lands is an emotional, humorous and dramatic story about the passage of time and the connections between people and family.

Cast & Characters

Tom Hollander as Moshe
Jonathan Rhys Meyers as David
James Caan as Harry
Rosanna Arquette
Efrat Dor as Annabelle
Patrick Bruel as Michel
Reem Kherici as Rivka
Sharon Mann as The radiologist
Ginnie Watson as Adoption Inspector
Dina Doron as Mrs. Lapierre
Loai Nofi as Hassan
Thierry Harcourt as Lawrence
Axel Kiener as Man Tel Aviv
Florence Bloch as Bathsheba
Guila Clara Kessous as Soldier