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Homøe: Looking for Shelter

Germany, English, 57 mins

  • Director: Bin Chen

CGiii Comment

In West Germany, gay refugee Javid from Azerbaijan starts a campaign to call for more attention to LGBTI rights after he made a suicide attempt in refugee camp. Meanwhile in the South, Boris from Russia moves into Germany's first shelter for LGBTI refugees, but he suffers from depression due to the complicated asylum procedure. And in the North transgender Melissa from Syria encourages other refugees in her own artistic way. Since 2011, the European Union declares that both sexual orientation and gender identity are important criteria for the legal recognition of refugee status. Germany started to accept LGBTI refugees since 2013. But due to the refugee boom in the summer of 2015 the asylum process goes slowly for the LGBTI refugees who regard themselves as 'second-class refugees'. Some of them are preparing themselves for a better life in Germany. Some are looking forward to becoming their true self, while some are fighting against injustice to their 'rainbow colors'.


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