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It's Alright Michel

Canada, French, 70 mins

  • Director: Marie-Pierre Grenier
  • Writer: Marie-Pierre Grenier
  • Producer: Marie-Pierre Grenier

CGiii Comment

In 2010, director Marie-Pierre Grenier asked Michel, an 80-year-old transgender person, to talk about his life on camera. In 2012, the documentary Je les aime encore was presented at the festival. Seven years later, Grenier returns to film more first person accounts from Michel who, after all these years, has maintained his bright spirit and his willingness to share his memories of a troubled, intensively lived life. Alternating between nostalgia and humor, sitting in a rocking chair, smoking a cigar, and holding a glass of wine, Michel talks about his past, spent chasing women, a passion that he has never hidden, up to his last disappointment in love. A stream of consciousness which, in its mixture of private confessions and shared memories, tracks the path of the Canadian LGBTQI community, as all the moments of the past come back to life in the words of Michel.


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