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Laila in Haifa

Country: Israel, Language: Hebrew, 99 mins

  • Director: Amos Gitai
  • Producer: Amos Gitai; Catherine Dussart; Laurent Truchot; Leon Edery

CGiii Comment

Laila In Haifa is set over one fateful night in a club in the port town of Haifa and explores the interweaving stories of five women. The film aims to present a snapshot of contemporary life in one of the last remaining spaces where Israelis and Palestinians come together to engage in face-to-face relationships.


Cast & Characters

Bahira Ablassi as Bahira;
Tom Baum as Tom;
Tsahi Halevi as Gil;
Fayez Abu Haya as Fati;
Khawla Ibraheem as Khawla;
Anuar Jour as Anuar;
Amir Khoury as Amir;
Clara Khoury as Roberta;
Makram Khoury as Kamal;
Hana Laslo as Hanna;
Asher Lax as Asher;
Josephine George Nasser as Josephine;
Naama Preis as Naama;
Muzi Rap as Mustapha;
Andrzej Seweryn as Andre;
Hisham Suliman as Hisham;
Maria Zreik as Laila