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LGBT Experience

USA, English

  • Director: Tom Monasterios
  • Writer: Tom Monasterios

CGiii Comment

We are faced with a cultural and moral battle. Human sexuality is sitting on the bench. Have homosexuals the right to validate their sexuality? Are being violated the religious rights of millions of Americans? LGBT Experience is a documentary that shares the perspective, impressions and conflicts from different points of view in this new chapter in the human experience. For some this is the beginning of the end, for others this is the end of injustice. ABOUT THE LGBT EXPERIENCE. This documentary was selected and sponsored in 2015 by the U.S Department of State for the TV-COOP program. This program calls journalists around the world to present projects that develop a topics of global interest that can be elaborated in the U.S. Has been official selection of the Awareness Festival 2018 in LA, The New Haven Film Festival, Viva Cinema Latino 2018 and Gold winner of the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards 2018. The particularity of the LGBT Experience, is that it gathers the most powerful voices in the discussion about the rights of the LGBT community.

Usually the documentaries on this subject or are made by gay activists or by religious fanatics. Now we will hear the views of both sides in this unique film never shown in the U.S. THE VOICES. Brian Brown Director of NOM (National Organization for Marriage) one of the fiercest gay marriage opposers on the planet and director of the most powerful and well financed lobby against the same sex marriage in Washington. Tammy Baldwin She is the first woman elected to represent Wisconsin in the senate and the first openly gay US Senator in history. Has been called the most powerful lesbian of the world. Colonel John Eidsmore Senior advisor of the foundation of the moral law and is also part of what is known as the legal team of the 10 commandments, which argues that the stop showing the biblical commandments in government buildings and public schools violates religious rights of a nation of deep Christian roots. Gene Robinson Is the first openly gay bishop in the history of Christianity. After being elected, the conservative wing of the Episcopal Church decided to split in a process known as the Anglican realignment.

Foundation Family is Life Brings together more than 28 evangelical Christian churches in Venezuela and 7 million followers, organizers of the largest rally ever made in the American continent against gay marriage.


LGBT trailer subt 2018-2 from tom monasterios on Vimeo.

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