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Lihaaf: The Quilt

Country: India, Language: Hindi

  • Director: Rahat Kazmi
  • Writer: Rahat Kazmi; Sonal Sehgal
  • Producer: Rahat Kazmi; Tariq Khan; Namita Lal; Zeba Sajid; Ashish Wagh

CGiii Comment

A period drama, the film is based on Ismat Chugtai's most celebrated story 'Lihaaf' (published 1942). The film inter weaves the plot of same sex relationship between Begum and her masseuse and the trial that Ismat underwent after being slapped with a case of obscenity on publishing the story. The film raises themes of homosexuality and freedom of speech that our society is grappling with even today.


Cast & Characters

Tannishtha Chatterjee as Ismat Chugtai
Sonal Sehgal as Begum Jaan
Virendra Saxena as Aslam sahib
Rahat Kazmi as Shahid Latif
Mir Sarwar as Nawab Sahib
Shoib Shah as Manto
Saki Shah
Tariq Khan as Mohsin
Satish Bhat
Lalita Tapasavi
Hussein Khan as Doctor
Namita Lal
Jawed Rehman
Anushka Sen as Ismat Chugtai
Shoib Nikash Shah as Manto