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Love Is All You Need?

USA, English, 120 mins

  • Director: Kim Rocco Shields
  • Writer: Kim Rocco Shields
  • Producer: Giovanni Corvino; Candice Owens

CGiii Comment

In many eyes, homosexuality is still viewed as a mortal sin. But, what if the tables were turned and heterosexual couples were the ones fighting for their right to love? Writer-director K. Rocco Shields does just that, asserting that love, no matter how expressed, remains the ultimate answer to healing and truth. Shields' powerful story explores what happens when a small town's star quarterback is outed for being 'hetero,' igniting a firestorm of intolerance, bullying, and prejudices in the community...yet is ultimately about our human right to love whomever we want.


Cast & Characters

Briana Evigan as Jude;
Tyler Blackburn as Ryan;
Kyla Kenedy as Emily Curtis;
Jacob Rodier as Ian Santilli;
Ana Ortiz as Susan Miller;
Emily Osment as Kelly Williams;
Ava Allan as Paula Santilli;
Tim Chiou as Brad Henderson;
Elisabeth Rohm as Reverend Rachel;
Jenica Bergere as Karen Curtis;
Katherine LaNasa as Vicki Curtis;
Leonard Roberts as Coach Thompson;
Jeremy Sisto as Mr. Thompson;
Zo* Hendrix as Annabelle;
Kaila Imada as Lily

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