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Music for Bleeding Hearts

Country: Brazil, Language: Portuguese, 102 mins

Original Title

Música para Morrer de Amor
  • Director: Rafael Gomes
  • Writer: Rafael Gomes
  • Producer: Diana Almeida

CGiii Comment

This has all those 'misses' of life: Mishaps, missteps, mismanagement, misbehaviour...and, mistakes...all set to a searing and scorching soundtrack.

Rafael Gomes' writing is a philosophical ballad to pinches, pokes and resonates way beyond what many writers hope to achieve...when addressing love's bewildering complexities. His three main characters are - quintessentially - the three [main] types of love...personified. It's so clever...because, it's so damn accessible [and melodic]...even though love's confusion reigns supreme throughout.

Vulnerabilities are worn on the sleeve, hearts are torn apart, guards are razed and guards are raised...oooh to be young and in-and-out of required, requited and unrequited love! It's head-spinning...but, that's love. we mature...that's just part of its nature...and that dynamic is the main thrust of the really is an emotional and joyous thing to witness.

All actors do a mighty fine job...but, Victor Mendes' charisma is absolutely electrifying. He is haphazardly adorable.

But...this is Rafael Gomes' film...on a tiny budget, he produced a credible film with might, force and gentility. It really is a case of: When the writing is this good, it would be nigh on impossible to make a bad film!

A fantastic film...thank you.


The(ir) Blurb...

In present-day São Paulo, a trio of young hearts are about to break. Ricardo has both a steady boyfriend and a wandering eye for a new coworker. Isabella is taking a break from both her boyfriend and best friend Ricardo. And hopeless romantic Felipe has suddenly found himself caught between the two of them. These three have big dreams, yearning passion, and opinionated acquaintances, but they’re all unprepared for what’s to come from Cupid’s arrows.

Cast & Characters

Caio Horowicz as Felipe
Mayara Constantino as Isabela
Victor Mendes as Ricardo
Ícaro Silva as Gabriel
Denise Fraga as Berenice
Tess Amorim as Thereza
Bella Camero as Maia
Maíra Cessa as Débora
Suely Franco as Alice
Felipe Frazão as Daniel
Guilherme Gorski as Guilherme
Thiago Ledier as Thiago
Fabricio Licursi as Fabricio
Davi Tápias as Davi
Nana Yazbek as Juliana