• Umbrella Academy (The)
  • Roswell, New Mexico
  • Good Trouble
  • Becoming Colleen
  • Brother (A)
  • Rogéria, Senhor Astolfo Barroso Pinto
  • Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club
  • Erik & Erika
  • Birds of the Borderlands
  • This is not Berlin
  • Blowin' Up
  • Glass
  • Deal with the Universe (A)
  • Leitis in Waiting
  • Boys
  • Dumplin'
  • Art of Being (The)
  • Ask Dr. Ruth
  • Crazy Rich Asians
  • T.I.M: This is Me
  • Velvet Buzzsaw
  • Mark's Diary
  • Mapplethorpe
  • Njan Marykutty
  • California No
  • Cage (The)
  • Moroni for President
  • New Amsterdam
  • Wild
  • Doozy
  • Family in Transition
  • Genesis
  • Rainbow Bridge Motel (The)
  • Aan Niets Overleden
  • Abrindo o Armário
  • Code Name: Dynastud
  • Cynthia
  • En/Femme
  • Gender Derby
  • José


USA, English, 80 mins

  • Director: Cyril Morin
  • Writer: Cyril Morin
  • Producer: Aurelia Abate; Juliette Garrigues

CGiii Comment

NY84 follows the adventures of three young artists in the downtown art scene in the early 1980's. We gain an intimate glimpse into the creative and emotional life of Kate, Anton, and Keith. Young and carefree, the friends party, photograph, paint, sing, and play their way through the clubs and lofts of Alphabet City. The party ends in 1984 when Anton and Keith contract a mysterious illness known as the 'gay cancer.' As her music career takes off, Kate tries to save her friends. With the cameras still rolling, we meet the parents, patrons, and patients that struggle against the epidemic.


Cast & Characters

Sam Quartin as Kate Jones;
Chris Schellenger as Anton Simon;
Davy J. Marr as Keith Wright;
Ray Field as Harold Sherer;
Chadwick Brown as Jim;
Drew Michael Gardner as Francisco;
Jessie Ruane as Hortense;
Jeannette Hektoen as The Doctor;
Rose Fiore as Keith's mother;
Kat Lindsay as Nurse Cindy;
Nathaniel Peart as Activist;
Jeff Sharkey as Kate's mother;
Erika J. Wood as Housewife;
Mandarin Wu as The Journalist;
Lucas Fontoura as Detective Garcia

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