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One Kiss

Italy, Italian, 100 mins

Original Title

Un Bacio
  • Director: Ivan Cotroneo
  • Writer: Ivan Cotroneo
  • Producer: Francesca Cima

CGiii Comment

A film that is peppered with deft delicacy, salty tear-welling scenes and flaming camp fantasy.

A perfectly seasoned film...where the misfits fit...together...harmoniously within discord.

Until...the darkness sets in.

This director certainly knows how to play with his audience. A director who masterfully manipulates, who can lead us down blind alleys...and - without mercy - throw us into the maelstrom of a 10-car pile-up.

This is an incredible, credible journey...from fluffy fantasy to stark reality. The character arcs bend and twist until these three unique souls become barely recognisable...yes, indeed, this is what life can throw at you!

Brave faces only disguise the pain...some are caught as they fall and some slip through the safety net...to hell with sticks and stones, names stick and names hurt!

There was uncontrolled sobbing on our review sofa...the impact that this film has...is...overwhelming. And just when you can't take anymore, this sure-footed director throws in an 'extra something' that will break you into a million different pieces!

This is what we call filmmaking!


The(ir) Blurb...

Antonio is a star basketball player on his high-school team, but that doesn't mean he's popular by any means. Soft-spoken, awkward, and still grieving over his older brother's death, he's excluded from his teammates and considered dumb. Blu, who has a reputation for her sexual exploits, defiantly rides her scooter past graffiti labeling her a "slut," and hurries to the mailbox each afternoon to grab her writer mother's rejection letters before she sees them. Lorenzo, new in town as well as newly adopted, relies on his extravagant sense of fashion and elaborate imagination to distract him from the bullies at school who mercilessly tease him for his homosexuality. These three teenagers form a friendship and a means of defense against the closed-minded bullies who constantly berate them, but their closeness to each other eventually comes at a tragic price. Reminiscent of 1960s New Wave forerunners like Truffaut's Jules et Jim and Godard's Bande a parte, One Kiss is a story of outsider friendship, the limits of imagination, and the consequence of honesty.

Un bacio ha come protagonisti tre ragazzi sedicenni, Lorenzo, Blu e Antonio, che hanno molte cose in comune: frequentano la stessa classe nello stesso liceo in una piccola città del nord est, hanno ciascuno una famiglia che li ama; tutti e tre, anche se per motivi differenti, finiscono col venire isolati dagli altri coetanei.

Cast & Characters

Leonardo Pazzagli as Antonio;
Rimau Ritzberger Grillo as Lorenzo;
Valentina Romani

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