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France | Morocco | Belgium , Arabic | Berber languages | French , 109 mins

  • Director: Nabil Ayouch
  • Writer: Nabil Ayouch; Maryam Touzani
  • Producer: Bruno Nahon; Patrick Quinet

CGiii Comment

The Moroccan Entry for the 2018 Academy Awards, is a searing and mesmerizing drama. Five Moroccans from different social and religious strata are pushed to the fringe by their extremist government. Spanning three decades and several storylines, director Nabil Ayouch weaves an intricate tale of lost loves, forbidden desires and fragile dreams in modern day Morocco.


Cast & Characters

Maryam Tarami as Salima;
Arieh Worthalter as Joe;
Amine Ennaji as Abdallah;
Abdelilah Rachid as Hakim;
Abdellah Didane as Ilyas;
Dounia Binebine as Ines;
Saadia Ladib as Yto (young);
Younes Bouab as Jawad;
Maha Boukhari as Nejma;
Nezha Tebbai as Yto (old);
David El Baz as Jacques;
Marwa Tiyane as Zahra;
Fatim-Zahra Lahouitar as Mina;
Mohamed Zarouki as Ilyas (as a child);
El Housseine Dejjiti as M. Mahmoudi

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