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Riley Parra

USA, English, 48 mins

  • Director: Christin Baker
  • Writer: Christin Baker; Geonn Cannon
  • Producer: Christin Baker; Kitty Swink

CGiii Comment

Detective Riley Parra (Marem Hassler) grew up in the bad part of town. As a detective she strives to make sure the rough streets she left behind aren’t forgotten. One case leads her to discover that the city is a centuries-old battleground between angels and demons, and that she’s a champion for good. Season 2 opens with Riley and her new love interest, Gillian (Liz Vassey), discussing her calling and meeting her charismatic new partner on the force. This is the lesbian procedural you’ve been waiting for!


Cast & Characters

Marem Hassler as  Riley Parra
Liz Vassey as Gillian Hunt
Connor Trinneer as Samael
Connor Kelly-Eiding as  Kara Sweet
Karl E. Landler as Marchosias

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