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Shooting the Mafia

Country: Ireland, Language: English, 94 mins

  • Director: Kim Longinotto

CGiii Comment

'I became a photographer at the age of 40 years,' says Letizia Battaglia. Born in Sicily and married at age 16, after three daughters divorced from her husband, who wanted her home. Women from rebellious and courageous personality, began to live freely and in private life and in public and professional life, becoming the first photographer of the leftist newspaper L'Ora, and since in Palermo took place more than 1,000 murders in one year, it is found to take those memorable photos that testified in Italy and around the world of Mafia crimes. Kim Longinotto, Irish documentary filmmaker of international repute, uses classic film clips to accompany the love stories of Letizia, in striking contrast with excerpts from the news of the time describing the brutality of the Cosa Nostra. The photographs of the same Battaglia, who has suffered death threats, highlighting the horror of the attacks, while other archival footage chosen by Longinotto seem to glorify the Mafia life and its codes of honor. All this to tell how Sicily was a victim of the mafia for decades, and the extraordinary life of a photojournalist who is now 84 years old.


Cast & Characters

Letizia Battaglia