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Song Lang

Country: Vietnam, Language: Vietnamese, 100 mins

  • Director: Leon Le
  • Writer: Leon Le; Minh Ngoc Nguyen
  • Producer: Veronica Ngo; Irene Trinh

CGiii Comment

Set against a gloriously filmed backdrop of the distinctly jaded charm of mid-90s Saigon, the lives of two men intertwine as they are both bound by traditions and honor. One to his mafia family, the other to the traveling troupe that performs elaborate classic operas. Yet they have much more in common than either wants to admit.


Cast & Characters

Kim Chi as Cigarette Lady
Isaac as Linh Phung
Vu T. Le Thi as The Mother
Phuong Minh as Auntie Nga
Huynh Ngoc as Ms. Le
Bao Chau Nguyen as Lu Bo / Trieu Da
Lien Binh Phat as Dung 'Thunderbolt'
Kim Phuong as The Boss
Huu Quoc as Khanh Linh
Tu Quyen as Thuy Van
Hoang Sang as Teacher
Hong Sap as Wardrobe
Kim Long Thach as The Father
Tu Thanh as Lan
Phuoc Tinh as Hien

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