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That Thing Called Tanga Na

Philippines, Filipino | Tagalog

  • Director: Joel Lamangan
  • Writer: Senedy Que
  • Producer: Christine Lovejoy Cruz; Lily Y. Monteverde

CGiii Comment

The story of five friends - a rich gay lawyer, a closeted security guard, a gay fashion designer, a transgender and a female trying hard singer/events specialist - each of whom has a story to tell about the sacrifices they did in finding true love.


Cast & Characters

Eric Quizon;
Billy Crawford;
Kean Cipriano;
Martin Escudero;
Angeline Quinto;
Albie Casino;
Nikki Valdez;
Jerald Napoles;
Vangie Labalan;
Ken Alfonso;
Luke Conde;
Paolo Gumabao;
Shine Kuk;
Lawrence Yap

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