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Glass Room (The)

Country: Czech Republic | Slovakia , Language: English, 104 mins

Original Title

Skleněný pokoj
  • Director: Julius Sevcík
  • Writer: Simon Mawer; Andrew Shaw
  • Producer: Rudolf Biermann

CGiii Comment

A stunning love story of two women trapped by war and circumstance in Nazi-era Czechoslovakia.

Shot on location at the historic Villa Tugendhat, this film captures the unwavering hope of love as seen through the eyes of Hana (Carice van Houten, Game of Thrones) and Liesel who share an intense friendship which frequently verges on more.

Based on Simon Mawer’s Booker Prize-shortlisted novel of the same name, in turn based loosely on the lives of the Tugendhat family saga, this era-spanning film is an historical, visual feast.

As Hana and Liesel are challenged time and again by love and distance, and the decades march on, the only constant is the glass room of the Villa Tugendhat, steadfast in its refusal to bend or change and a subconscious inspiration for the fateful lovers.


Cast & Characters

Hanna Alström as Liesel
Claes Bang as Viktor
Alexandra Borbély as Kata
Petra Buckova as Neighbour
Olga Plojhar Bursikova as Lenka
Tabitha Campbell as Marika 8 years
Brian Caspe as Gestapo Officer
Anouk Christiansen as Otilie 6 years
Kevin Michael Clarke as Translator
Evan Cregan as Martin 4 years
Cyril Dobrý as Oskar 20
Karel Dobrý as Láník
Zuzana Fialová as Láníková
Jim High as Airport assistant
Martin Hofmann as Oskar