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Heart is Never Wrong (The)

Country: Mexico, Language: Spanish

Original Title

El corazón nunca se equivoca
  • Director: Alicia Carvajal; Aurelio Ávila
  • Writer: Pablo Ferrer García-Travesí; Santiago Pineda
  • Producer: Juan Osorio

CGiii Comment

The series centers around the love story between Aristóteles and Temo, who leave Oaxaca to start a new life together in Mexico City.


Cast & Characters

Sian Chiong as Thiago
Emilio Osorio as Aristóteles Córcega
Joaquín Bondoni as Temo López
Nikolás Caballero as Diego
Ale Muller as Carlota
Leticia Calderón as Elsa
Sergio Sendel as Ubaldo Ortega
Helena Rojo as Dora
Nuria Bages as Nora
Arath de la Torre as Pancho López
Laura Flores as Soledad Elizalde
Víctor González asOlegario Cervantes
Allisson Coronado as Lupita López Treviño
Emiliano Vázquez as Julio López Treviño
Gabriela Platas as Amapola Castañeda
Eduardo Barquin as Mateo
Santiago Zenteno as Lic. Eduardo Rey

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