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Next Skin (The)

Spain, Spanish, 103 mins

Original Title

La Propera Pell
  • Director: Isa Campo; Isaki Lacuesta
  • Writer: Isa Campo; Isaki Lacuesta
  • Producer: Isa Campo

CGiii Comment

A teenager who went missing and was presumed dead returns home after eight years to find a family deeply affected by his disappearance. Gradually, doubts arise about whether he really is the missing boy or an impostor.


Cast & Characters

Emma Suarez as Ana;
Sergi Lopez as Enric;
Alex Monner as Leo/Gabriel;
Greta Fernandez as Clara;
Bruno Todeschini as Michel;
Igor Szpakowski as Joan;
Mikel Iglesias;
Silvia Bel as Gloria;
Lucy Tillett;
Pablo Rosset;
Fred Adenis as Monitor;
Alex Moreu Garriga as Educador;
David Arribas as Dependent Frontera;
Guillem Jorba;
Pep Garcia Pascual

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