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Road to Edmond (The)

Country: USA, Language: English

  • Director: David Trotter
  • Writer: David Trotter
  • Producer: David Trotter

CGiii Comment

Cleo loves his life as a youth pastor in suburban Denver, but when a gay teen comes out to him, and he shows his genuine support, he finds that his job is soon in jeopardy. When the church's Elder Board becomes aware of the situation, he's asked to take two weeks off to consider his actions and the impact on his role in ministry. Distraught by the arrival of this news via email, Cleo grabs a backpack and bike to hit the road and figure out what's really true. His journey takes a turn toward Edmond, Oklahoma, when he hitches a ride from a mysterious traveler named Larry and his dead father. Larry's intense skepticism along with a string of peculiar signs, causes Cleo to question more than his relationship with the teen... he questions the very existence of love.


Cast & Characters

Elle Baker as Daughter
Kat Houser as Dawn
Michael Whisnan as Twin
Tripp Fuller as Larry
Crystal Chandler as Bride
Patrick Daskol as Father of the Bride
Louis C. Baker as Father
George Macary as Jabez
Nathanael Welch as Cleo
Keisha Ladd as Claire
Mickayla Whisnan as Twin
Alexia George as Mother
Sarah Reeve as Bride