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Tenants Downstairs (The)

Taiwan, Chinese, 110 mins

Original Title

Lou xia de fang ke
  • Director: Adam Tsuei
  • Writer: Giddens Ko
  • Producer: Angie Chai; Ping Ho

CGiii Comment

A loafer inherits an apartment block and lets out the place to a group of tenants, including a lusty gymnastics teacher, a geeky college student, a single father with his young daughter, a gay couple, a writer and a sexy female office worker. An incredible story is about to unfold as they start their lives in the same building.



Cast & Characters

Simon Yam as Landlord;
Yu-Wei Shao as Chang Ying-Ju;
Xing Li as Chen Min-Hui;
Kang-sheng Lee as Kuo Li;
Kaiser Chuang as Chang Kuo-Sheng;
Yan-xi Hou as Po-Yen;
An-Shun Yu as Wang Ming-Kai;
Angel Ho as Wang Yun-Ke;
Akio Chen as Huang Sze-Lang;
Chiung-Tzu Chang;
Kurt Chou;
Xin Guo as Police;
Toyoharu Kitamura;
Alex Shu-Yuan Ko;
Bernard Senjun as Ling hu

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