• Music for Bleeding Hearts
  • Alice Júnior
  • I Am the Other One
  • May the Evil Eyes Not See You
  • Sun Inside
  • Lihaaf: The Quilt
  • Two Popes (The)
  • Yo, mi ex y sus secuestradores
  • Si Los Meses Siguen
  • Transamazonia
  • Guaicurus Street
  • Viaje de Keta (El)
  • Mamu: And a Mother Too
  • Drive Me Home
  • Unsound
  • Psychosia
  • Good Kisser
  • Escort Boy
  • Ranchlands
  • Twentieth Century (The)
  • Don't Give a Fox
  • Sex, Sin & 69
  • Happy Endings Sleepover
  • Latter Day Jew
  • Farewell Song
  • Liberty
  • All We've Got
  • Siberia and Him
  • Your Turn
  • Dark Waters
  • Delphine and Carole
  • Gautam & Buddha
  • Rescue the Fire
  • Bonnie & Bonnie
  • Politician (The)
  • Lola vers la mer
  • My Name is Clitoris
  • Generazione Diabolika
  • Last Christmas
  • Show Me What You Got

Trigger (The)

Country: USA, Language: English, 100 mins

  • Director: Christopher Bradley
  • Writer: Christopher Bradley
  • Producer: Robert Rosen; Jake Roberts; Aiden Chapparone; Brian Kiefling

CGiii Comment

Hustler ERIC COYLE, 19, has secured early release from prison by informing on his drug dealer, BENNIE. He immediately begins reassembling his former life, including girlfriend, HEATHER, former pimp, DOLORES and his best john, TOMMY. Desperate to create his idea of a family, if only even for a day, he manages to trick Tommy into getting him an apartment, a used car and a job and moves Heather in with him, but things quickly spin out of control when Bennie is brought in for questioning.


Cast & Characters

Slade Pearce as Erik Coyle;
Julia Anne Severance as Heather Keene;
Daniel Kapinga as Tommy Holbart;
Joe Ricci as Bennie;
Robyne Richards as Dolores;
Michael Hanelin as Bert;
Laura Durant as Marcella;
Kelsey Grizzard as Mickey;
Patrick Kelly as Mr. Gruen;
Patrick Morrison as Felix;
Bobby Minch as Truck Driver;
Jason McCrite as Crawford;
Austin Rapp as Man;
Ape Shirley as Drug dealer;
Brian Kiefling as Police Officer;
Alene Dee Nelson

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