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Wanderings of Ivan (The)

Country: France, Language: French, 75 mins

Original Title

La balade d'Ivan
  • Director: Claude Chamis
  • Writer: Claude Chamis; Sylvain Maugens; Maurice Blanchot
  • Producer: Sylvain Maugens

CGiii Comment

Ivan is a young Russian vagrant in Paris. Rejected on all sides, he takes refuge in the Bois de Vincennes. But this new haven of peace is quickly transformed into a nightmare when Ivan tries to resist the dark traffic of an underworld wildlife.


Cast & Characters

Aram Arakelyan as Ivan
Benjamin Baclet as Ben
Camille Freychet as Girl with red hair
Franck Zerbib as Pierre
Corine Watrin as Woman at the pagoda
Pablo Alarson as Paco
Noé Alarson as Jogger
Yves Balmes-Morgan as Old man in forest
Lisbeth Wagner as Russian woman
Tarek Nini as Rentboy
Paul Bettinger as Barman
Maylis de Poncins as Young bourgeoise
Stanislas Aurousseau as Boy with green t.shirt
Judith Journo as Candy seller