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Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech

  • Director: Viktor Taus
  • Writer: Petr Jarchovský; Michal Sýkora
  • Producer: Jan Stern

CGiii Comment

The Water Goblin is the fourth, penultimate series of the television mini-series from the Holy Trinity series Detectives. Marie Vyrová, in her free time and on her own, is investigating a long-standing case of an incomprehensible murder of a small child on the periphery of Olomouc, which took place more than 25 years ago. The disturbing testimony of the actress of the long-time misfortune causes Marie Výro to reconsider the hopeless case and try to cleanse the unjustly convicted culprit. The story of Vodnik takes place in two timelines: in the days just before the revolution at the end of the communist era in the late 1980s and now. In the first instance, the criminal case of Communist Czechoslovakia under the command of Major Voženil deals with the case. At present, Mary reveals serious deficiencies in the investigation of the then police and reveals the reasons that led to them.


Cast & Characters

Klára Melísková as mjr. Marie Výrová
Václav Neuzil as Petr Trebovický
Alena Doláková as Draha Trebovická
Jaroslava Pokorná as babicka Trebovická
Kasijana Dzakic as Magda Trebovická ml.
Natálie Jandová as Lenka Trebovická ml.
Marie Sládková as Hanka Kolihová ml.
Lenka Krobotová as Hana Kolihová
Peter Bebjak as Ondrej Koliha
Miroslav Krobot as plk. Viktor Vitous
Stanislav Majer as kpt. Pavel Mráz
Premysl Bures as mjr. Vozenil
Milan Encev as Predák
Karel Wiencek as Bykr
Petr Franek as Machota
Kajetán Písarovic as pan Strejcek
Jirí Konvalinka as kolega Klásek
Jaroslav Vlach as Ladislav Holina
Jirí Bárta as Blue Shadows
Josef Stepanek as Blue Shadows
Petr Ostrouchov as Blue Shadows
Martin Novák as Blue Shadows
Ondrej Herink
Matej Herink
Jirí Kudrej
David Novotný