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Miss Bulalacao

Philippines, Tagalog, 90 mins

  • Director: Ara Chawdhury
  • Writer: Ara Chawdhury
  • Producer: Jill Anoba-Yap; Ronald Arguelles

CGiii Comment

Billed as a comedy...it's not.

Basically, this auteur asks a monolithic ask from her audience...a 'drag princess' gets pregnant by an alien...yes, you read that correctly! An alien! If you can buy into the whole idea...then, fine - you only have to contend with the amateur-ish production values...

It's a rough & ready film, shot on a shoestring, with a ridiculous metaphor at its core.

Alas, it got so ridiculous that we failed to see it through to the end!


The(ir) Blurb...

A drag princess gets pregnant following an alien abduction. Rumors of immaculate conception raise his status to cult leader.

Cast & Characters

Russ Ligtas;
Chai Fonacier;
Tessie Tomas;
Ferdinand Mesias;
Keith Deligero;
Nanette Inventor;
Mon Confiado

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