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Queer Britain

UK, English, 30 mins

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CGiii Comment

We are not fans of BBC3 productions...we had our guns loaded, cocked and ready to blaze...

But...by complete surprise, Riyadh does a bloody marvellous job...he connects, he pitches to the target age-group...and, he cares.

A profoundly moving first episode...what a surprise!

No trailer...

The(ir) Blurb...

The six-part series is set to explore the reality of life for young LGBT+ people in the UK weekly episodes that promise to get under the skin of queer culture in 2017.

26-year-old Riyadh is set to address the hot-button issues currently facing the gay community, from religion and homophobia to racism within the gay community and the pressure for gay men to confirm to masculine ideals and pursue ‘perfect’ bodies.

“I’m incredibly excited for Queer Britain to be released,” says the London-dwelling social media star. “This was a real passion project which has moved, inspired and educated me in more ways than I ever could have imagined.
On the radio, BBC Radio 2 will broadcast a two-part series telling the remarkable story of how gay people came to transform pop culture in the face of persistent oppression. Andrew Scott will explore the last five decades of British history through gay culture and its sizable impact on the story of popular music.

Episode synopses

The series explores everything the queer landscape has to teach about identity, acceptance and equality, with episodes including...

Episode 1: Does God Hate Queers?
Raised as Catholic, with a Muslim father, Riyadh has his own take on religion and being gay. He meets people who have lost their religious communities, found salvation in a new inclusive religious family, or found an unconventional route to having the best bits of their gay and faith identities.

Episode 2: The Search For The Perfect Body
Having himself felt the pressure to ‘masc-up’, Riyadh sets out to explore the fundamentals of masculinity in a bid to understand the growing trend of gay men suffering from increased levels of body dysmorphic disorder, eating disorders and self-harm. From the drag scene and femme-shaming through to taking part in a cover shoot for a gay magazine, Riyadh will be looking at where the pressure for masculine perfection is coming from.

Episode 3: Out On The Streets
Around a quarter of all homeless people in Britain identify as being LGBT - but once homeless, their sexual identity is overshadowed by the stigma of homelessness. If home is where the heart is, Riyadh asks, why do so many queer people find themselves without a home?

Episode 4: Are Gays Racist?
From a mixed-race household with Middle Eastern and Irish heritage, Riyadh with his unusual name and fair complexion knows first-hand how judgemental the gay community online can be. With his perceived ‘white privilege’, he explores the casual racism in the LGBTQ+ community and asks, when does preference become prejudice?

Episode 5: Porn Idols
Riyadh immerses himself into the world of pornography. In an age when the average teen is getting their sexual education online, Riyadh wants to get under the skin on what’s on offer. He’ll be looking at why gay men are fetishizing ‘chavs’, the difference between lesbians porn and queer porn, and what it our pornographic appetites tell us about sexual identity.

Episode 6: Queer And Proud
Riyadh gets to grips with all things ‘Queer’. A once pejorative label, reclaimed by academics and activists in the 80s, it has now become an all-encompassing identity. So, what does it mean to be queer in Britain in 2017?


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