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Other Side of the Rainbow (The)

Germany, German, 86 mins

Original Title

Die Andere Seite Des Regenbogens
  • Director: Thomas Bartels
  • Producer: Thomas Bartels

CGiii Comment

Bartels manages to tick all the boxes in the LGBT spectrum.
However, a documentary is only as strong as its subjects...here, those subjects are a dreary bunch of individuals...spouting endlessly on about everything, amounting to nothing.
There is one exception - Mark - he does have something worth listening to - living with disability in the gay community.
The others...Jayrome, the performance artist, is a bore. Nico, the queer/punk writer, is lost in nostalgia. And, Isabelle will make you feel nauseous.
The end could have come quicker - by cutting out these three testimonies.
Monumentally monotonous.


The(ir) Blurb...

The stories of four strong individuals of the LGBT community in the diverse city of Berlin that follow their path despite of all the obstacles.

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