Alto riesgo

Spain, Spanish, 8 mins

Original Title

Indetectables (TV Series)
  • Director: Juan Flahn
  • Writer: Paco Tomás

CGiii Comment

Easily, the weakest instalment of the Indetectables TV Series.

Played for laughs...that were not forthcoming.


The(ir) Blurb...

One policeman goes to the hospital for HIV post-exposure profilaxis because of a risky practice.

Ahora en abierta clave de humor seguimos la pista del subinspector Floriano, quien en unas horas ha cambiado de escenario, pero no de prejuicios.

Cast & Characters

Jorge Monje as Joaquín Floriano;
Mariola Fuentes as Hija;
César Mateo as Chico;
Malena Gracia as Enfermera;
Julieta Serrano as Vicenta Navarro;
Candela Peña as Doctora
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