Amor de Dios

Spain, Spanish, 14 mins

  • Director: Jordi Núñez
  • Writer: Jordi Núñez
  • Producer: Fiore Morante; Maribel Sánchez Rubio

CGiii Comment

Nothing actually happens...

He's miserable [most of the time] and she's [so] overbearing!


Amor de Dios (Jordi Núñez, 2016) from Pixel Trips Films on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

During the last days of summer, Paula visits Edu in his new flat in Madrid. Together they will experience a weekend of uncovered feelings through white lies, unrequited love, and the uncertainty of a future that implies certain sacrifices.

Cast & Characters

Javier Amann as Edu;
Nakarey Fernandez as Paula

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