August in the City

USA, English, 16 mins

  • Director: Christie Conochalla
  • Writer: Nancy Manzi; Lisa Tedesco
  • Producer: Petros Georgiadis; Lisa Tedesco

CGiii Comment

Not one line of dialogue is believable...

Technically, it's pretty good...but, the premise and writing needed much more work before filming began. Beneath it all...there is a really good idea lurking in the shadows...with work, it could come out into the light!


The(ir) Blurb...

The film is set to the theme of love and loss. Two women find themselves completely drawn to each other but one fears the consequences from society in 1978.

Cast & Characters

Mandahla Rose as Clementine;
Johnny Solo as Salvatore;
Amie Tedesco as Party Goer;
Daniela Mastropietro as August;
Stacey Raymond as Ana;
Nestor Garland as Guy;
Raquel Powell as Nicole;
R.A. Johnson as Party Goer;
Amanda Tudor as Marie

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