Between the Sun and Me

USA, English, 20 mins

  • Director: Nanako Fukui
  • Writer: David Diaz; Nanako Fukui
  • Producer: David Diaz; Alejandra Trevino

CGiii Comment

It's a competently-made film...

However...the transition itself seems to be a little on the 'quick' side...cutting your hair and changing your clothes isn't transition!!!


Between the Sun and Me from Nanako Fukui on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

A short film about a 16 years old girl, Alice who identifies herself as a boy and struggles to find an outlet between Rebecca, the girl Alice likes and her single mother, Kate.

Cast & Characters

Alexander Dunkin as Adam Bentley;
Ali Hanson as Kate Reyes;
India Jarvis as Rebecca Moore;
Eden Knodel as Alice Reyes;
Ray Medved as Matt Crosby

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