USA, English, 6 mins

  • Director: Alex Preston
  • Writer: Alex Preston
  • Producer: Alex Preston

CGiii Comment

This is not half bad...perhaps, a little difficult to get your head around the situation...but, well-produced nonetheless.


The(ir) Blurb...

Avery, a withdrawn, soft-spoken young man, gets baited into attending Gay Pride with a guy he's been messaging on a dating app. When he discovers the mystery man is his high-school bully, he must decide to embrace his bully's advances or risk losing his first love.

Cast & Characters

Josh Jordan as Avery;
Declan Wagar as Dominic;
Richard Cherry as Cinnamon;
Raquel Fortunato as Bar Patron;
Adam Hacker as Bar Patron;
Becky Lindsay Shaw as Avery's Mom

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