Burning Youth

France, English, 13 mins

  • Director: Will Bottier
  • Writer: Yless Hutton

CGiii Comment

It would have worked better if all the actors spoke in their native tongue...French.

'Less is more' is something the director should put into practice...a few of the scenes were overly contrived...but, there is a talent lurking behind the inexperience and limited budget!

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The(ir) Blurb...

Cass is a teenager who deals with melancholia. The night of her 16th birthday, she struggles to choose whether she wants to die or if she wants to live.

Cast & Characters

Elsa Nori as Lolita Young;
Alienor Seydoux as Cassiopeia Adkins;
Davor Cosic as Cosme Evreen;
Axelle Bottier as Girl #4;
Gaetan Thomas as Boy #2;
Camille Pourcel as Girl #8;
Rosalie Moja as Girl #3;
Deschler Thibaut as Baltazar Norrington;
Fanny Thiennot as Girl #1;
Yless Hutton as Boy #1;
Sofia Hedadji as Girl #7;
Aissatou Sagna as Girl #2;
Felix Cordier as Moka Breslin;
Elise Croyeau as Girl #5;
Emeline Chatelain as Girl #6

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