But We Love Each Other

UK, English, 12 mins

  • Director: Philippe Audi-Dor; Janina Blohm-Sievers
  • Writer: Janina Blohm-Sievers
  • Producer: Janina Blohm-Sievers; Safiyya Lea

CGiii Comment

The performances are a bit first-term-drama-school...

The pace is slow...all a little underwhelming!


The(ir) Blurb...

A psychology PhD student is struggling to keep work and private life separate when she discovers that her girlfriend has been lying about her past. She starts digging to find that Sara’s motivation to be with her is rooted in far more than love. Sara’s incestuous relationship with her brother has left her scarred and unable to trust in love. What starts as a feeling of betrayal soon becomes a question of Ayla’s own motives to be in this unhealthy relationship. Does that mean they should leave each other? Are they not good for each other? Ayla is at a loss. Then she realises she needs Sara. But We Love Each Other developed from the idea of writing a short film about a love story without showing physical intimacy, the innocence of this idea soon faded…

Cast & Characters

Janina Blohm-Sievers as Sarah;
Safiyya Lea

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