Coffee Talk

USA, English, 3 mins

  • Director: Stefan Pfister

CGiii Comment

The blurb is longer than this episode...

One was quite enough, thank you!


Tattoos & Muscles (Coffee Talk 1 - Gay Web Series) from Skyrider Films on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

Gay guys with tattoos are a real turn-off for Tim. Will muscle hunk Mark change Tim's mind? – College student Tim left the hottest jock in the world: He simply can't have sex with a tattooed guy. But his buddy Marc usually gets turned on. He believes, tattoos are hot symbols of a man's pride and masculinity. When the discussion about pros and cons of tattoos gets heated, an unexpected revelation might change Tim's mind! – Coffee Talk is a gay web series about college friends confronting hot-button issues over a cup of coffee.

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