Brazil, Portuguese, 13 mins

  • Director: Pedro Fiuza; Moniky Rodrigues
  • Writer: Pedro Fiuza; Moniky Rodrigues; Mateus Cardoso
  • Producer: Mariana Hardi

CGiii Comment

We have a new policy where webseries' are concerned...

30 seconds to make an impression...then, we switch off!

20 seconds into it...we switched off!

Watch...in Portuguese...if you have lost the will to live!


The(ir) Blurb...

The story of two good friends: Hebe, an actress, divorced and mom of two girls, and Dalton, a mastering student in communication. They have a very close friendship which sometimes can be a little bit of madness, and along with her daughters they form a very peculiar and nothing traditional family.

Cast & Characters

Quiteria Kelly as Hebe Feitosa;
Mateus Cardoso as Dalton Braganca;
Charlotte Duvignaud as Charlotte Feitosa;
Paulo Lima as Abelardo;
Amalia Duvignaud as Amalia Feitosa

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