USA, English, 4 mins

  • Director: Yannis Zafeiriou
  • Writer: Yannis Zafeiriou
  • Producer: Yannis Zafeiriou

CGiii Comment

This is not bad at all...considering it was an experiment!

Good song too!


dinner (Short Film) from Yannis Zafeiriou on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

A rather attractive zombie is late for dinner.

Yannis Zafeiriou:

This short film began as an experimental attempt to explore the "long take" as a cinematic tool. The story then incorporated horror, fantasy, comedy & LGBT genre elements, and it evolved into something new that captured my imagination and intrigued me all through to the finished film. The entire short film is comprised by 3 long takes, one of which is broken up into 2 bits, by an insert-shot. Though it sounds simple, it took many hours to film and over 70 attempts to get the exact right long takes needed, which had to be perfect in terms of composition, framing, exposure, camera movement, focus and actor performance and blocking. The result is almost perfect. Almost.


Cast & Characters

Charles Camp as Guy;
Michael Crotty as Zombie

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