Do the Math

USA, English, 4 mins

  • Director: Mary Guzmán
  • Writer: Meliza Banales; Mary Guzmán
  • Producer: Alisha Liscinsky; Shannon Newton

CGiii Comment

Definitely aggressive...perhaps, too aggressive!

And...that bloody trumpet!


The(ir) Blurb...

'Do The Math' is the journey of a young Latina as she seeks a better life. From an immigrant father to a college graduate, this poetic verse film tells the story about one girls struggle to achieve the American dream.

Cast & Characters

Emily Olvera as Young Meliza;
Meliza Banales as Herself;
Fontana Butterfield as Mother;
Rene Perez as Father;
Juan Olvera;
Alberto Olvera;
Taija Lascinsky;
Joanne Engelhardt;
Treina Alexander;
Eloisa Ramos;
Timothy Roman Rodriguez

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