Falling for Angels

USA, English, 27 mins

  • Director: William Clift; David Millbern
  • Writer: David Millbern
  • Producer: Paul Colichman; David Millbern

CGiii Comment

Big themes...let down by some inept direction and overly-preachy writing.

It's white-hating, gentrification-hating hogwash...without gentrification all cities would still be slums!

For a web series, it's too long...and, has all the inadequacies that [most] web series' tend to have.

One [unpleasant] espisode was quite enough for us!



The(ir) Blurb...

The creative diaspora has converged in Southern California to shape the 21st Century in the most dynamic and diverse city in the USA. Gay men of every color and type explore the Los Angeles dating scene, chronicling the various stages of relationships that inhabit each distinct neighborhood and navigating the issues of sexual health, wellness, and sex positivity. Each of the six episodes is located within a neighborhood, focusing on characters authentic to: Boyle Heights, Koreatown, Leimert Park, Silver Lake, Bel-Air, and Malibu. 'Falling For Angels' is both a dynamic reflection of dating and love today and a love letter to the city of Los Angeles.

Cast & Characters

Johnny Kostrey as Jeffrey;
Amy Gumenick as Sharon;
David Millbern as Gregory

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