Getting It Wrong

USA, English, 4 mins

  • Director: Jose Marmolejos; Justin Ayer
  • Writer: Justin Ayer
  • Producer: Jose Marmolejos; Justin Ayer

CGiii Comment

Thankfully, it's very short.


getting it wrong - episode 1 - dieting from Notwithstanding Productions on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

From Notwithstanding Productions comes 'getting it wrong,' a web series that follows the adventures of self-described 'man child' Shane (Justin Ayer) as he navigates the turmoils of being a gay twentysomething in the big city. They say experience is making mistakes and learning from them... but what do you call it when you keeping getting it wrong?

Cast & Characters

Chealsea Streano as Melissa;
Justin Ayer as Shane

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