Hell or High Water

Nigeria, English, 30 mins

  • Director: Oluseyi Asurf
  • Writer: Noni Salma
  • Producer: Oluseyi Asurf

CGiii Comment

At first, it does come across as a Christian recruitment video...

Stick with it...

The complexities are too complex to be dealt with in just 30 minutes...but, both director and writer give it an admirable bash!!!

A bible-bashing pastor is caught cheating on his wife [with a man]...it is difficult to feel for a man who deceives and preaches this kind of hypocrisy...thou shalt not and all that jazz.

Religion deserves the bashing it gets...let's face is 'gay' pastors/preachers are a bit of an anomaly...whatever happened to practice what you preach?

For a short film...it certainly raises some mighty complex issues!


Cast & Characters

Enyinna Nwigwe;
Ismael Khalid as Sorji / The boy

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