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Late Night Delight

Canada, English, 6 mins

  • Director: Kalil Haddad
  • Writer: Kalil Haddad
  • Producer: Kalil Haddad; Scott Swain

CGiii Comment

Experimental...which makes means, random images that - as a whole - are meant to mean something. Totally lost on us!


LATE NIGHT DELIGHT | VHS RIP from Kalil Haddad on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

In the dead of night, somewhere between a dream and reality, television programs explore the neglected realities of the past and present.

Cast & Characters

Kelly Estomo;
Kalil Haddad;
Dustin Hickey;
Scott Hossack;
Romuald Jean;
Brandon Pereira;
Liam Redmond van Rees;
Colleen Ryan;
Scott Swain;
Rebecca Trainor

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