Luna Goes Cruising

USA, English, 5 mins

  • Director: Jake Wilson
  • Writer: Kyle Krieger; Jake Wilson

CGiii Comment

Oh dear...too much self-love and not enough attention paid to the writing!!!

It's just not funny.

Colour correction would have helped make it look better...but, it's just not funny!


The(ir) Blurb...

A dog named Luna and her owner interact with each other and other pets as they attempt to find Luna a significant other.

Cast & Characters

Lance Bass as Ralphie;
Levi Freeman as Hot Guy at Runyon;
Brad Goreski as Bunnie;
Anton Gutierrez as Hot Guy at Runyon;
Shane Jenek as Koda;
Kyle Krieger as Himself;
Tyler Oakley as Crouton;
Leslie Odom Jr. as Oscar;
Benny Pugh as Hot Guy at Runyon;
Robbie Rogers as Frankie;
Rumer Willis as Luna

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